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Water Meter Boxes & Fittings

  • The Cork Plastics boundary boxes are available in standard, mini, 4 port multi and 6 port multi.
  • Adaptors are available to suit all possible sizes.
  • The robust plastic lid has a load bearing of over 30Kn.
  • Designed to accept industry standard meters.
Unit Code
Water Meter Box Standard Each WMB02
Water Metre Box Mini Each WMB01
Water Metre Box 4 Port Manifold Each WMB03
Water Metre Box 6 Port Manifold Each WMB04
Water Metre Box Adapter 1/2" HG Each WMB06
Water Metre Box Adapter 20mm Each WMB07
Water Metre Box Adapter 25mm Each WMB08
Water Metre Box Adapter 32mm Each WMB09