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Land Drainage Fittings

Cork Plastics supply a range of fittings to compliment our coils of land drain

Size Unit Code
Land Drainage Coupler 60mm Each LDC60
80mm Each LDC80
110mm Each LDC110
160mm Each LDC160
200mm Each LDC200
Land Drainage Equal Tee 60mm Each
80mm Each LDT02
80mm x 60mm Each LTD03
110mm Each LDT04
200mm Each LDT10
Land Drainage Unequal Tee 110mm x 60mm Each LDT05
110mm x 80mm Each LDT06
200mm x 110mm Each LTD13
200mm x 160mm Each LTD14
200mm x 60mm Each LDT11
200mm x 80mm Each LDT12
Land Drainage Unequal Y Branch 110mm x 60mm Each LDY05
110mm x 80mm Each LDY06
Land Drainage Equal Y Branch 110mm Each LDY04
60mm Each
80mm Each LDY02
80mm x 60mm Each LDY03
Land Drainage Universal Branch 160mm Each LDMF4