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Cladding and Trims

Available in two designs (Shiplap and Open Vee) resembling existing timber profiles. The weather tight joint provided prevents penetration from the elements.

The systems are completed with a range of trims to suit all applications.

Colours available: White, Golden Oak, Black Ash, Mahogany and Rosewood


Size Unit Code
Shiplap Cladding 150mm 5m C150
Cladding - Centre Joint Trim 5m CT7
Cladding - Drip Trim 5m CT4
Cladding - Internal / External Corner 5m CT5
Cladding - Starter Trim 5m CT2
Cladding - Top Edge Trim 5m CT1
Cladding - Universal Channel 5m CT3
Cladding Universal Channel 5m CT3
Angle 100mm x 80mm (Hollow Section) 100mm x 80mm 5m WT30
Angle 25mm x 25mm (Rigid) 25mm x 25mm 5m WT31
Angle 32mm x 32mm (Flexi x 6m) 32mm x 32mm 6m CP64
Angle 50mm x 50mm (Rigid) 50mm x 50mm 5m WT32
Angle 75mm x 75mm (Flexi x 5m) 75mm x 75mm 5m CP150