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Land Drainage

Land Drainage is used to remove excess water from fields and gardens, in fact any area where excessive water is a problem. The perforations allow seeping water to ingress the pipe, capillary action then maintains the water within the pipe allowing it to flow to its destination.
Land Drain has been manufactured by Cork Plastics continuously since early 1970's from virgin raw materials on modern production lines.  It has been designed to suit Irish climatic conditions and conforms to Department of Agriculture Specifications (F.D.S.A.7).

System Features:

  • High compression strenght when tested according to BS EN 50086-2-4: 1994 and App. 3/4: F.D.S.A.7.
  • Highly flexible when laying and impervious to all types of soil.
  • Cork Plastics land drain pipe has more than double the flexural strenght and flexural modulus of polyethylene pipe when testes according to I.S. EN ISO 178:2010.
  • Up to 19% greater Flow rate compared to similar polyethylene land drain pipe.