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Pressure Pipe

CP H2O is manufactured by Cork Plastics for the water industry, designed principally for the transportation of potable water.

Manufactured to PAS27:1999

  • CP H2O pipes are made from lead-free materials and are environmentally friendly
  • Made in Cork with a licence from NSAI (Licence no. 1.94.001)
  • The jointing/sealing system is approved (WRAS) for contact with drinking water
  • CP H2O pipes are strong and tough
  • Manufactured in 7 pipe sizes: 63mm to 315mm and 3 pressure classes (10 bar, 12.5bar and 16 bar)
  • Manufactured in 6 metre effective lengths
  • All pipes are fitted with protective end caps on both sides
  • Every pipe has a label with jointing instructions